Fly Ball! What To Do If You've Been Injured At A Baseball Game

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Fly Ball! What To Do If You've Been Injured At A Baseball Game

18 April 2017
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Going to the ballpark to see a game is a great way to relax—until a fly ball comes crashing down on you. If that happens, you might end up with an injury. The ball might actually strike you, or maybe there will be a mad rush from the surrounding seats to catch the ball and someone will knock you down onto the concrete floor. Whatever the case, you should be prepared as to what to do in the event that something does happen and you are hurt.

Never Linger After A Head Injury

If you get a head injury, you need to seek medical attention. If the ball comes crashing down on your head or if someone falls over into your seat and knocks you forward and you bash your skull, you need to get to the hospital ASAP. Security should come over and escort you to an ambulance, but even if they don't, you need to get to medical attention. You cannot just wait around for the end of the game and then seek medical attention. A head injury can be very dangerous and time is of the essence. So, even if you're a die-hard fan and it's a close game, you should leave and head to the hospital. You don't want to have an internal bleed that could be fatal.

Don't Hang Around With Security In An Office

If the injury was not a head injury—perhaps someone knocked into you and you twisted a leg, or your shoulder is hurt—the security might want to take you to their office and have you wait while they call an ambulance. There is no reason to do this; you should have them bring the paramedics to you, or else escort you outside to meet the ambulance. The security office might be in silent communication with the back office, who are more concerned with limiting their liability, and deciding what to do from a legal standpoint.

Never Sign Any Papers

The other thing you never want to do is sign any documents while you are at the stadium. You might be overwhelmed at the entire situation and be intimidated into signing. This is a mistake. The documents might be liability waivers that the stadium has on hand for just such events. If you do sign these papers, it will be much more difficult for your personal injury attorney to help you be reimbursed for medical expenses.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are released from the hospital, it is time to contact a personal injury lawyer at a law firm like The Fitzpatrick Law Firm. The lawyer is crucial for dealing with the bureaucracy that is involved in personal injury lawsuits. You are going to have to deal with medical billing companies, hospitals, and the stadium insurance companies. It is a huge and complex process that you should not venture into by yourself. A good personal injury lawyer will know exactly how to deal with the different parties involved in the lawsuit and how to most effectively get you reimbursed for pain and suffering.