Why Having An Attorney In Life Is Vital

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Why Having An Attorney In Life Is Vital

23 September 2017
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Attorneys know the law and offer legal services and advice for situations that involve legal issues. If you currently do not have an attorney that you use for problems or to answer your questions, you should look for one. Here are some reasons you may need to call your attorney from time to time, and you will be glad you have one if you ever encounter questions or legal problems.

To Ask for Legal Advice

There are times in life when people encounter situations where they are not sure what to do, what their rights are, or what the law says about something. When these times occur, you could either try to find the answer by looking it up online, or you could just call your lawyer.

If you have a lawyer, he or she will answer your questions according to the laws in your state. This will give you the advice you need to know how to handle the situation you are in.

For example, if someone trespasses on your property and gets injured, you might want to ask your lawyer if this person has the right to sue you. If so, your lawyer can help you know what steps to take to proceed.

To Draw Up Paperwork

There are also times when people need certain types of legal documents, and they will need a lawyer to help them with this. For example, if you are selling your house by owner, you may need a lawyer to help you draw up a contract for the sale. Another example is if you do not currently have a will. If you want to get one, you could just call your lawyer and he or she could do this for you.

Another example of a time when you might need a lawyer is when you want to sue someone for something. You could contact your lawyer, and he or she could write up a formal letter to the person you are planning on suing. This could help you settle the problem outside of court.

To Represent You If You are In Trouble

If you ever face a situation where you need legal representation, you can call your lawyer for help. Suppose someone sues you for something. Representing yourself is an option, but having a lawyer represent you is always a better option.

If you do not currently have a lawyer that you can call for help or advice, you should find one to hire today. Contact a local law firm, like Fessenden Laumer & DeAngelo, PLLC, to learn more about this.