3 Tips For Using Exhibits In A Trial

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3 Tips For Using Exhibits In A Trial

23 October 2017
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If you are facing criminal charges, and you have decided to fight the charges with a jury trial, one important tool your attorney can use to make your case are exhibits. Exhibits are a great way to make your case. Work with your attorney to ensure that they use exhibits to your advantage.

#1 Keep The Exhibit Visible

One of the big mistakes that many trial attorneys make is they just quickly flash the exhibit before they put it down and move onto the next point in their case. When your attorney shows an exhibit, make sure that they take their time Encourage your attorney to show the exhibit for a set period of time before putting it down to ensure that the jury really gets to see and take in what they are presenting.  If possible, your attorney should use an easel with exhibits so they can show the item for a longer period of time while they move forward with their oral arguments. 

#2 Make The Exhibit Big

Second, try to make the exhibit big enough for all of the jury members to actually see. Displaying a 5x7 photo during a trail is not big enough for the jury to really see. If you want the jury to be able to see a photo, you need to blow it up so that it is large enough for the person who is sitting farthest way from the image to see it clearly.  Alternatively, if you can't make the exhibit bigger, see if you can make personal copies for each member of the jury, as well as the judge and other counsel. That way, each member of the jury will be able to clearly see and take in the exhibit your attorney is presenting.

#3 Get Exhibits Added to Evidence

Finally, make sure that your attorney goes through the process of adding exhibits into the evidence. Putting the exhibit into evidence will help ensure that the jury will be able to look at the exhibit again when they deliberate the case later on. Putting the exhibit into evidence will also allow your attorney to pursue publishing the exhibit at a later date. 

When deciding what exhibits to include in your trail with your civil litigation lawyer, make sure that you work with your attorney to determine the best way to present the exhibit. You want any exhibit you include in your defense to really impact the jury, and it will not impact them if they can't really see it and take in the information.