Rideshare Accidents: Who Is Responsible?

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Rideshare Accidents: Who Is Responsible?

17 November 2017
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With the rise in popularity in ridesharing businesses, it is important for both the driver and the passenger to understand liability in the event of an accident. In most cases, the driver and the company he or she is working for will be liable for any accidents that occur. However, there can be some conflicting information about liability. The following are some things to keep in mind about liability with rideshare companies:

Conflicting Information About Rideshare Liability

While it seems obvious that the rideshare company would be responsible for accidents, there have been some conflicting reports. Drivers for these companies are considered independent contractors and therefore should not be burdened with the liability. However, if the independent contractor is sued, he or she can still transfer the liability to the company they work for. You will need to discuss this with your attorney to find out exactly who you will need to sue to get paid for your damages if you are the passenger.

Steps You Should Take After an Accident

Once you are involved in an accident in a car using a rideshare company, there are some things you will need to do to find out who exactly you need to contact for your injuries and damages. The correct party needs to be held liable so that you can be made whole after the accident. The first thing you need to do is contact law enforcement and emergency medical teams to make sure you are not severely injured. When speaking to law enforcement, be sure that you provide as much information about the accident as possible. Tell the officer the play by play of the accident and any odd behavior displayed by the driver. If the accident was caused by another driver, you will need to provide that information as well.

You should also get all the information about your driver, including his or her name, insurance information, who he or she works for, and the contact information for the rideshare company. As soon as you can, be sure to contact your attorney to discuss your options and the next steps you should take.

With the increase in ridesharing, the likelihood of accidents also increases. If you are involved in an accident, it is important that you talk to an attorney as soon as possible, as the rideshare company may try to place blame on another driver on the road and be less likely to be willing to pay you. 

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