The Link Between Construction Work Injuries & Opioid Abuse

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The Link Between Construction Work Injuries & Opioid Abuse

19 December 2018
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Construction work accidents are often serious. In recent years, several studies have shown that construction workers are more likely to die of opioid overdose than individuals working in other professions. The link between opioid overdose and construction workers comes from the sheer number of injuries associated with the industry.

What happens is that many construction workers are injured on the job. As a result, they are issued prescriptions to deal with issues like muscoloskeletal pain. During this time, the construction workers may become addicted to the opioids. They continue to need them in spite of the fact that the initial injury may have healed.

Why Are Construction Workers Injured So Often?

Construction workers face a variety of issues on the job, many of which lead to severe injury. For example, many construction workers have to lift large, heavy items throughout the day. Doing this can lead to back injuries and other issues. Some of these injuries may even require surgery.

Some people don't suffer from one major injury. Rather, they experience chronic pain from a lifetime of working in the construction industry. People with this condition, people may use opioids to ease the "edge" of the pain over a long period of time.

Many people continue working with extreme injuries because they feel they have no other choice. For instance, they may not live in a state that offers paid sick leave that allows them to heal from those injuries and illnesses. They may need to take the medications so they can "power through" work. Ultimately, this creates an unhealthy environment that facilitates addiction.

What Can Construction Workers Sue For?

Construction workers can sue for damages they incur at a work site while on the job. Medical bills pile up, so many injured construction workers will sue for these financial bills. They may also sue for time they must take off work and even emotional damages.

If somebody is forced to take additional time off work for opioid rehab, they may sue for this as well. After all, rehab is expensive and individuals who receive treatment may not be able to work while in recovery.

If you believe you have a case against a construction firm or other organization, you need to consult with construction accident attorneys like those at Shaevitz Shaevitz & Kotzamanis. These attorneys know how to present your case in court and provide evidence that may allow you to receive compensation for your losses.