Retail Workers: Be Aware Of These Potential Ways You Can Get Injured At Work

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Retail Workers: Be Aware Of These Potential Ways You Can Get Injured At Work

22 January 2020
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Do you work in retail? If so, you may feel as though you have a relatively easy job with minimal chances of getting injured while working. The truth of the matter is that almost any kind of work can result in injuries, even those that are considered light duty. Your employer has likely made you review a few safety videos and may have even had safety meetings for employees. However, some employees in retail are not aware of some potential dangers that can cause them to get injured at work. The following points will help you to understand some ways you could get injured on the job.

Slip and Fall

Some retail stores have carpeting. The carpet can cause an employee to trip if it does not adhere to the floor properly. For example, torn carpet can protrude from the floor. It is wise to report this type of issue to management because employees and customers are at risk of getting injured. Other issues that can cause slip and fall situations are cords running across floors and debris on floors. In the event your retail employer has hard floors, you could slip and fall if the flooring is wet. 


It is possible to get assaulted by another employee or a customer on the premises where you work. Your employer has due diligence to ensure your safety as best as possible. Keep in mind that assaults are not limited to hitting someone. Sexual assault can also be considered if an act occurred that resulted in injuries. Perhaps the retail location you work at is known for having crimes committed on a regular basis. Your employer may not have security staff. This means that you and other employees are at risk for assaults. Another issue is designated parking for employees that is not well lit, making them potential targets of crime.


Retail workers may have to perform various duties in any one day. Sometimes, they may need to work more hours due to understaffing. This can lead to overexertion, even if they get breaks. They also perform repetitive duties that can lead to overexertion, such as bending and lifting.

A workers' compensation lawyer is an ideal resource to use if you get injured on the job. They can explain the process of filing for workers' compensation. They can also represent you and assist with filing appeals if your claim is denied.