The First Questions You'll Probably Need To Answer When Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

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The First Questions You'll Probably Need To Answer When Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

12 March 2021
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When you first meet with and hire a car accident lawyer, there is a good chance that they will take the opportunity to ask you a few questions. These are probably some of the first questions that your car accident attorney will ask you.

What Happened?

Naturally, your car accident lawyer is probably going to want to know what happened in your car accident. After all, they will probably want to get an idea about things like who was at fault in the accident, how the accident happened, and more. You should provide the best explanation of the accident as you can, and you should consider providing any supporting documentation that you might have, such as any notes that you might have taken after the accident or the police report if you have it.

How Were You Affected?

Next, your attorney might ask you about how you were affected by the accident. If you were injured, they will want to know about it. If you've had to miss work, they will want to know about how much work you have missed. If your car was totaled and if you had to pay out of pocket to buy another car, then they will probably want this information as well. It's a good idea to reflect a little bit about how the accident has affected you and your life and about how much you think the accident has cost you, financially, so that you can give your attorney a clear, accurate, and thorough explanation when you talk to them.

When Was Your Accident?

Of course, knowing when your car accident occurred is important for your car accident lawyer. First of all, they can use this information to help you ensure that it hasn't been too long to take action, since many jurisdictions have statutes of limitation in place that apply to car accident cases. Plus, having this information will make it easier for them to do their research, such as when they go get a copy of the police report or when they contact the insurance company about the case. 

Throughout the weeks or months that your car accident attorney will be working on your case, there is a good chance that they will ask you a lot of different questions and talk to you about a lot of different things. However, when they first meet with you, they might start by asking you the questions listed above.