Has A Patient Accused You Of Medical Negligence? Take The Following Legal Measures

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Has A Patient Accused You Of Medical Negligence? Take The Following Legal Measures

7 March 2022
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A medical malpractice claim can damage your reputation and end your career in the worst-case scenario. That is why you have to do everything possible to defend yourself when a client sues you for negligence. Even so, how you deal with the issue may aggravate or minimize the effects the lawsuit will have on your job. With that in mind, here's how to defend yourself when facing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Don't Do Anything That Might Jeopardize Your Case

When a client notifies you of a court claim against you, you should be cautious about the actions you take after that. For example, you should not discuss the case with the plaintiff, your colleagues, or friends. That's because they can leak the information to investigators, increasing your chances of getting a harsh judgment in court. 

The plaintiff's lawyer might also ask you controversial questions that may cause you to give contradictory statements. So don't fall into their trap because they might use your words against you in court. Instead, let them channel their queries through your lawyer. 

Besides that, you shouldn't review the plaintiff's medical chart because their attorney can claim that you intended to alter the report. Most importantly, don't edit or add notes to the chart. It might indicate that you did something wrong and are trying to cover up the mistake. As a result, the judge will hand you a severe judgment, regardless of your evidence in court. 

Get Professional Legal Representation

Professional legal representation is crucial when handling a medical malpractice case. Therefore, you need to inform your insurer that you're facing charges immediately after the plaintiff informs you about the claim. Besides that, hire a lawyer as soon as possible as they will help you respond to the claim within the specified deadline and as per the law.

Essentially, your lawyer will gather documents and reports and find experts to support your case. They will then help you fill out the questionnaire from the plaintiff's attorney to ensure that you don't make mistakes. After that, they will seek to know the events that led to the accusations to help them develop a theory about it. 

If you believe that a patient is wrongfully accusing you of injuring them during treatment, take the measures above. They will help you to clear your name, enable you to keep your job, and preserve your reputation. But, most importantly, hire a professional personal injury lawyer to defend you in your claim.

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