How To Protect Your Right To A Fair Settlement After A Motor Vehicle Collision

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How To Protect Your Right To A Fair Settlement After A Motor Vehicle Collision

17 May 2022
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Every victim involved in a car crash caused by someone else's negligence deserves to get compensation to cover all their damages. However, that may not be the case in your situation, especially if the wrongdoer and their insurer team up to dispute your claim. What you do or say after the auto accident might also affect your ability to recover all the payments you're entitled to. Therefore, you may want to seek professional legal guidance to ensure that you only take steps that will help you maximize your payment. Here are some measures you need to take to protect your right to a fair settlement after a vehicle collision.  

Only Leave the Scene of The Accident When It's Appropriate to Do So

The law requires you to remain at the accident scene until the law enforcers give you the go-ahead to continue driving. This allows the investigating officers to conduct a comprehensive investigation before people interfere with the scene. Leaving the scene illegally can make you face serious consequences because the police may assume that you were trying to avoid prosecution. They may argue that you realized that there were casualties, making you flee to avoid facing criminal charges.

Besides, hurriedly leaving the accident scene may make the other drivers wrongly accuse you of causing the car crash. As a result, you might get a lower or no settlement, depending on your alleged contribution. That explains the importance of waiting at the scene until investigators finish their investigations.

Get Immediate Medical Care

Accept a medical examination from healthcare providers at the accident scene. They will offer you first aid treatment before referring you to other healthcare specialists for a comprehensive examination and treatment. You're supposed to request copies of medical records and bills from each healthcare facility you visit. Then, note down how your injuries have impacted your daily life, including the days you've missed work and the activities you can no longer perform because of your condition. The information will be essential in helping you get the highest compensation possible for your medical expenses and other payments you're entitled to.

Get Professional Legal Representation

Getting professional legal representation is the best way to boost your chances of getting a favorable settlement. An experienced car accident lawyer will advise you on what to do from the time you're involved in the accident until the conclusion of your case. That will prevent you from making costly mistakes that may affect your ability to collect any payments you deserve.

The measures above will enable you to receive maximum payments after a collision. Working with a professional law service—such as the Law Office of Robert Karwin—dealing in accident cases is important because you will get the best guidance and advice throughout the process. That will minimize your chances of making an error that might make you get a lower payment than what you deserve.