Were You a Victim of Workplace Discrimination?

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Were You a Victim of Workplace Discrimination?

17 June 2021
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Racial discrimination is a serious problem in the modern world. It occurs when a person is subjected to unfair treatment due to his or her race. It can also occur due to a person being married to or otherwise associated with people of color. This type of discrimination can be harmful anywhere it takes place, but it is often particularly harmful and detrimental in the workplace. Workplace discrimination is illegal. It does not matter if this discrimination took place during the hiring process or long after. Whatever the case may be, if you think you may have been discriminated against, contact an employment lawyer to discuss your options. This is especially important if your circumstance is demonstrative of one of the common signs of workplace discrimination.

Preferential Treatment

Preferential treatment occurs when some people in the workplace or in the hiring process receive better treatment due to the color of their skin.

Perhaps you were the best candidate for a job you interviewed for. Maybe you were even told as much. If you then were not offered the position or were offered a lesser position, while the job went to a non-minority, this could be evidence of discrimination.

Preferential treatment might also occur when current employees are passed up for promotions or other types of advancement due to the color of their skin. While preferential treatment can sometimes be hard to prove, you should let a qualified lawyer determine the strength of your claim. Experienced employment lawyers can often find trends and evidence that demonstrate preferential treatment and that enable you to achieve justice.

Ignored Complaints

Every modern business that has employees should have policies in place to deal with workplace discrimination. For example, you should be able to report acts of racial discrimination to the human resources department or a supervisor and have the claim handled.

If you have followed your workplace's policy for launching a complaint and have been ignored or treated unfairly, it's time to take action. Ignoring or downplaying a discrimination issue or not providing employees with a safe way to voice these types of concerns is problematic. The right lawyer can discuss your options with you in this situation.

Discriminatory Policies

Some workplaces may have rules in place that are not equitable to all people. A policy that does not allow dreadlocks, for example, could be discriminatory against a person for whom this is a cultural hairstyle.

If you feel that a company-wide rule is racially discriminatory, discuss this with an attorney. Since company policies are often readily available, such as in employee handbooks, these types of cases are typically easier to prove.

Ultimately, no one deserves to be discriminated against. This is especially true in the place where they work to make their living. If you feel that you have experienced workplace discrimination based on race or any other factor, do not hesitate to seek help from an employment lawyer. You might just make a difference, both for yourself and for others, in the process.