Don't Fall Prey to These Common But Wrong Accident Settlement Myths

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Don't Fall Prey to These Common But Wrong Accident Settlement Myths

8 August 2022
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People get the wrong idea about accidents all the time. Auto-accident issues are too important to leave to chance because both your physical and financial health is at stake.

You Need Money to Pay the Lawyer

Almost all personal injury lawyers will work on your case on a contingency fee basis. The usual way to get legal services is to pay the lawyer a retainer, which is an upfront sum of money that the lawyer draws from as they bill you by the hour. Rather than that, a contingency fee agreement means the lawyer never gets paid at all unless the case is won. Then, they are paid from the winning settlement. If the case garners no money, then the lawyer does not get paid. For accident victims, that means they can go ahead with their case without having to pay anything to the lawyer.

Accident Cases Take Over Your Life

The true statement should be that careless drivers can take over your life if you aren't careful. Personal injury lawyers have very few requirements of victims. After all, no one knows better what it's like to suffer from an injury. Once you provide your lawyer with the basic information about the case, you can relax. You can focus on what is important to you and that's probably healing from your injuries, spending time with your family, and getting your life back to normal again. Your lawyer won't be bothering you with every detail, but they also won't be making major decisions about the settlement without your input.

Victims Partially at Fault Won't Get Paid

This common myth stems from the way things are in only a handful of states. In those places, accidents in which both drivers contributed to the cause could mean that no payments are made on claims from the other insurer. That means that in those states, drivers that contributed to the accident can only be paid by their own insurer. However, even victims living in those states can, and often should, contest the ruling. Just because the accident report indicates that the driver contributed does not mean it's a fact. These things can be challenged using other forms of evidence, and victims can still be paid what they deserve.

The best way to find out the facts about accidents, fault, and settlements in your state is to speak to a personal injury lawyer. Ask them for the true facts, and make your decision based on what you learn. Let a personal injury lawyer help you get paid what you deserve. Speak to one today.