How An OVI Lawyer Can Help You Mitigate Your Case If You Have Been Charged

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How An OVI Lawyer Can Help You Mitigate Your Case If You Have Been Charged

1 May 2023
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Having an OVI conviction on your record can seriously affect your life in many ways. The misconception is that only those who are severely impaired while driving will see any effect of a conviction. This isn't always the case. A person who has been convicted of an OVI for any reason can face consequences they may not have thought of.

If you are facing an OVI charge, it's a good idea to contact an OVI lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you mitigate and perhaps lessen any potential consequence in the event of a conviction. Here is how they can help.

It Can Result In Job Loss

While you might think that an OVI conviction will only affect your ability to drive, it can also affect your job. There are people who have been convicted of an OVI who have lost their jobs in certain fields. This can include police officers, teachers, medical professionals, and even retail workers or construction workers. It will depend on your company's policy regarding having criminal convictions on your record.

If you are looking for a job, it can also hurt your chances of finding one. Many employers in recent years do background checks and this includes searching for criminal records. This can affect your chances of getting a job, even if you won't be driving on the job. 

An OVI lawyer can help you get your charges lowered to a lesser charge or misdemeanor, or perhaps work to get the charges dismissed entirely. They can help potentially get your records sealed so any OVI conviction won't show on your records.

The Loss Of Your Driver's License

Even if you aren't a driver for work, the loss of your driver's license can affect you in many ways. You might live in a rural area where public transit is few and very hard to find. This can affect your ability to get to work or buy groceries for your family.

You might need a vehicle because you or a loved one has mobility issues and they have a hard time getting around. The loss of your driver's license would make it very hard for you to do your normal routine if you can't get to where you are going easily.

An OVI lawyer could help you prevent losing your license by arguing in court that it would be detrimental for you and your family to not have the ability to drive your own car.

Instead, they can offer a solution or compromise of a probationary period where you would need to take blood alcohol tests regularly to prove you aren't impaired while driving. They can also install a device on your car that you blow into that will start the engine if you haven't been drinking. 

For more info, contact a local OVI attorney