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Tax Burden Bargaining: Understanding The Law

When you find yourself facing a significant tax burden, it can be tough to know where to start to pay it down. Unfortunately, the government may not wait for you to sort it out. If you find yourself served with a legal notice for repayment, you need to talk with an attorney right away. A tax law attorney can help you evaluate the situation and potentially file for a reconsideration. If nothing else, he or she will talk with you about your legal options for repayment and what the government can and cannot do. This site will help you see what my experience has been so you can understand some of the options you may want to consider.


5 Legal Concerns Everyone Dealing With Real Estate Should Understand

25 February 2020
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Dealing with real estate is a matter where everyone should retain the services of a law firm. If you're not sure why that's the case, here are five ways you'll benefit from real estate legal services. 1. Establishing a Clear Title Whether you're the buyer or the seller in a transaction, establishing a clear title to a property is essential. This means determining whether there are any outstanding liens against the location. Read More …

Retail Workers: Be Aware Of These Potential Ways You Can Get Injured At Work

22 January 2020
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Do you work in retail? If so, you may feel as though you have a relatively easy job with minimal chances of getting injured while working. The truth of the matter is that almost any kind of work can result in injuries, even those that are considered light duty. Your employer has likely made you review a few safety videos and may have even had safety meetings for employees. However, some employees in retail are not aware of some potential dangers that can cause them to get injured at work. Read More …

Will Your Employer Cover Your Injuries While You Drive To Work?

17 December 2019
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If you have ever gotten into an accident while you are going to work and you are injured, you may wonder whether your injuries can be covered by worker's compensation insurance. Most states have a rule that says you cannot be covered by worker's comp if you are not currently on the clock. However, there are some exceptions that you should know when it comes to commuting to work and worker's compensation benefits coverage: Read More …

3 Important Steps In The Divorce Process

20 November 2019
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Most people don't know what to expect when they initiate the divorce process. If this is your first divorce, you need to know what to expect in the process, and here are three of the most important steps you should understand. Filing of the divorce petition A divorce will not begin until one of the spouses files a petition for it, and this is called a divorce petition. While you could file this on your own, it is a better idea to hire a lawyer to do it for you. Read More …

3 Things To Know About Your Vehicles When Filing For A Divorce

22 October 2019
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Throughout the time you are married to someone, you can accumulate quite a few tangible belongings that are shared as marital property. Your vehicles are part of that shared property. When you decide to get a divorce, all the property you have will have to be examined by the court system and properly divided. Here are a few things you should know about how vehicles are handled when you go through the divorce process. Read More …